Personal Injury Amputations

Amputations can be the unfortunate result of a car, truck or bus accident or when pedestrians are struck on the roadway by a moving vehicle. It can also result from construction accidents where safety precautions are not in place or enforced.

Complications from cuts, heavy impacts, and infection can lead to the loss of a limb that must be amputated. Amputations cause devastating pain, discomfort, and sadness. Sadly, the amputation is the medical solution and treatment as the loss of a hand, arm, leg or other body part can never really be replaced.

Personal Injury Amputation Injury

Amputations can occur as a result of injury, physical damage, or improper or inadequate medical care which causes an infection. Sometimes medical necessity requires amputation to prevent further damage or to save a life. We at Jacoby & Meyers are a leading Los Angeles based law firm providing personal injury representation. We work hard and diligently to get our clients full fair and just recovery for their sustained personal injuries, loss income, loss of quality of life and all the related consequences that come from a serious injury such as an amputation.

Our skilled staffs of case managers and attorneys have experience guiding clients through necessary medical treatment when serious injuries such as amputation are involved. The attorneys on our team are advanced litigators and professional negotiators who understand the complex proof and evidence that you must present in court to win a favorable verdict or settlement award.

Catastrophic Accidents which Cause Amputations of Limbs

Unfortunately, time and time again we see our clients suffer the gravest injuries at the slightest of negligences. For example, it has occurred in a case involving a young girl playing soccer whose finger was infected and required amputation due to contact with glass on the playing field. Other cases are more severe. If a drunk driver is involved and is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, and totals another car- the victim can sustain grave injuries requiring amputation of perhaps an arm, hand or leg.

Automobile accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle and bicycle accidents all vary in nature and have different degrees of risk and susceptibility to injury. For example, a motorcyclist has no shield of protection that a truck or car would offer its passengers and drivers. Such drivers are expected to know the risk of bodily injury and physical harm they are exposing themselves to. Similarly, a bicycle, which has no engine or motor, is even weaker in comparison to these other heavier vehicles causing the force of impact to be that much more dangerous and risky to the bicyclist when involved in a bicycle accident. In devastating car versus bicycle injury accidents, our clients sustain grave bodily harm and endure pain and suffering.

Insurance Coverage

We have extensive experience working with insurers and insurance companies to resolve cases. A strong legal presentation provides an incentive for offers of settlement. We will engage every liable or responsible party and attribute legal responsibility to them for the injury they have caused you.

Our team of litigation attorneys, case managers, and specialists evaluate your case and determine what coverage is available and any insurance issues that would limit your potential settlement or recovery early on. We analyze both your own insurance coverage as well as the responsible defendant's insurance coverage. Where potential issues may arise is if the liable third-party who caused your injuries lacks insurance coverage for whatever reason. This may force you to tap into your own insurance policy which is called uninsured motorist coverage (UIM coverage), to protect yourself and afford you coverage.

Rebuilding a Life After Your Accident

After a personal injury accident leads to amputation surgery, you and your loved ones may face the difficult tasks of rebuilding a life. Depending on the nature and extent of the injury, an amputation can affect family relationships, jobs, school, career and every aspect of family life. It may present a loss of consortium claim between spouses (husband and wife). You will likely need extensive medical care and rehabilitation. You may not be able to carry on the business or occupation that you had or had planned. We can help you obtain the recovery you need. To support the new challenges that come with an altered lifestyle, you must bring a legal claim or lawsuit against the injury-causing party, the defendant and his or her insurance company.

We represent victims of personal injury damaged through the negligence or acts of others. Due to the personal experience and commitment of our highly skilled legal staff, we bring sensitivity and concern to every case we accept. At Jacoby & Meyers, our team of attorneys understands the particular and pressing needs of all who suffer injury and the extended circumstances of clients that undergo amputations.

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