Did you Slip and Fall on Private Property?

Did you slip and fall on private property? If so, you may be entitled to compensation under a premises liability claim or cause of action if certain circumstances were present in your accident. First, you must have slipped or fallen on a person’s property as an invited guest or permitted visitor and not a trespasser. Second, your fall must have caused you injury. There must be a direct causal connection between the act or inaction of the property owner or landlord which is legally defined as “negligence” and the resulting bodily injury or harm to you.

These types of accidents frequently occur in supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants, nightclubs and bars and much more. A spilled drink that was not properly or timely cleaned up to fruits that were stomped on in a market and were unnoticed by the patron or invited guest can give rise to legal liability for the landlord or property owner. Even stores like Target, Ralphs, the 99 cent store see these types of accidents on a regular basis. If the store employees do not have a proper protocol or follow a protocol to inspect the premises routinely (every 15 or 30 minutes perhaps), and if they do inspect but fail to clean it up in an appropriate manner and someone is injured as a result– then the store can be held liable and owe monetary compensation under California law to the injured party.

Such a legal action or claim is something the attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers routinely pursue for our clients in the most vigorous manner. Often times, an injured person who has slipped and fallen may suffer severe injury like a broken hip or bone or even a laceration. This would require medical treatment and even time off work depending on the nature and extent of the injury. Our team of attorneys work hard for our clients to recover all compensation you are legally entitled to under the law. This includes past and future medical treatment, lost wages or loss of income (both past and future) and damages for pain and suffering. If a loved one/spouse is involved and the injuries are quite severe or there is a wrongful death claim that is warranted, then there is damages for loss of consortium as well- which is the loss of companionship from a wife or husband.