Fatal Car Accident Statistics in California

California – home to perfect weather, beautiful beaches, and dynamic cultures. It also happens to be the most highly populated state with the second highest number of traffic related fatalities, just behind Texas. In 2013, the rate of car accident fatalities hiked up to 3,000—and it’s continued to climb. With car accidents on the rise, driving safely has never been more important. Below are the startling fatality statistics of California. With these facts in mind, you’ll have a better chance of keeping yourself and your loved ones safe and sound.

The Size of Your Car

If you feel safer in larger cars compared to smaller ones, the statistics may confirm your feelings. In fact, statistics from 2013 show that the size of your car does factor in your chance at surviving a major car accident. Those who drove cars made up 37 percent of traffic fatalities, while pickup trucks, SUV’s and mid-size carpool cars made up 16 percent of fatalities. Larger vehicles, such as SUVs, are more successful at keeping its occupants safe in a crash as opposed to smaller, commuter vehicles.

Always Buckle Up

California’s laws regarding seatbelts account for it being the highest practicing state in the United States. Despite this, only 61 percent of those involved in fatal car accidents in 2013 were wearing seatbelts. That accounts for 39 percent of drivers and passengers involved in fatalities that were not buckled up at the time of the accident.

Where Do You Live?

Do you live in a large city? Due to the high concentration of people, you may be at higher risk of an accident. Statistics taken from a study found that over 46 percent of all fatalities occurred in large, cosmopolitan, urban areas.  

Are You Committed to Defensive Driving?

It’s easy to get comfortable with driving, especially when you take the same roads and highways daily. However staying alert, using your turn signals, and creating enough space between you and the drivers around you will drastically improve your chances of staying safe on the road.

Remember—although you can control your own safe driving practices, other drivers may not take the same precautions. If you find yourself in a car accident, contact a Jacoby & Meyers lawyer right away. During a free consultation, we’ll walk through your case and explain the next steps you need to take. With years of wrongful death and personal injury expertise, they will fight for the compensation and peace of mind you deserve.