Motorcycle Accidents and Prevention

Motorcycles are an economical and fairly convenient way for people to bypass traffic on congested city roads.  Unfortunately, motorcycle accident rates are increasing in the U.S.  When compared with other vehicle accidents, motorcycle accident injuries are often more severe and cause greater monetary damages.  About 80% of all motorcycle accidents cause serious injury or result in death.

Motorcycle accidents are particularly dangerous.  Unlike accidents involving cars or other vehicles, a person who is injured while driving a motorcycle is often thrown from the motorcycle when a crash occurs.  When driving over a pot-hole or on a curved road, a two-wheeled motorcycle traveling at high speed can easily flip over.  The reduced visibility and slippery road conditions caused by rain also increase the chances of a motorcycle accident occurring.

Often, motorcycle crashes include other vehicles, as well.  When a car driver violates a motorcyclist’s right of way, tailgates, or misjudges a cyclist’s speed or distance, the car driver may be at fault.  Motorcycle accidents commonly occur at intersections, when a car driver fails to notice an approaching motorcycle.

If you drive a motorcycle, it is important to know a reputable Los Angeles auto accident attorney who specializes in motorcycle accident cases.  In the event of a sudden accident, an experienced lawyer can carry out the investigations necessary to determine who is at fault for the accident.  Assignment of fault is especially important in a motorcycle accident because a cyclist is only entitled to compensation for the percentage of the accident that he did not cause; a motorcyclist who is found to be 30% at fault will only receive 70% of the total damage amount.

Of course, it is better to avoid an accident than to have the need for an accident lawyer following an accident.  While a motorcyclist will always be at greater risk of injury than other vehicle drivers, safety equipment and gear provides increased protection from injury, rain, wind, sun and other drivers who may otherwise not see you or your bike.

Accidents usually happen suddenly and without warning.  Even on short trips in quiet neighborhoods, a motorcycle accident can result in severe injury or death.  Before you begin to ride your motorcycle, even for just a minute, as a responsible cyclist it is advisable to always wear:

  • A properly fitting helmet– a motorcyclist without a helmet is more likely to die as a result of accident or injury.  A large percentage of riders who do not wear helmets are also uninsured.
  • Gloves– Durable, non-slip motorcycle riding gloves will help a cyclist grip the handlebars without losing control of the bike.
  • Proper footwear– Leather boots or other durable athletic shoes that protect the feet and ankles provide important protection for motorcyclists.
  • Reflectors and bright clothing– Many accidents could have been avoided had the driver seen or noticed an approaching motorcycle.  Protect yourself by properly illuminating your bike and body so other drivers can always see you, especially at night.
  • Eye protection- At high speeds, wind, dirt, rocks, and even insects can blur or blind a motorcyclist’s vision and cause him to fall from the bike.  Be sure to wear good quality goggles, glasses with proper safety lenses, or a helmet with a face shield every time you ride.
  • Protective Clothing and armor-  To avoid “road rash” or abrasions it is a good idea to always wear proper motorcycle riding apparel, such as a jacket made of durable leather or newly-improved synthetics and armor, designed to protect riders form serious fractures or spinal cord injuries.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a motorcycle accident, you should contact a Los Angeles or Orange County auto accident lawyer immediately.  An attorney experienced in motorcycle accident claims can help you receive the compensation you are owed as an accident victim.  At Jacoby & Meyers we understand the numerous and complex factors involved in motorcycle crashes and have the resources to carry out a proper investigation.  A lawyer associated with Jacoby & Meyers will be happy to discuss your accident with you at no charge.

With over 40 years of experience and more than 100,000 satisfied clients, Jacoby & Meyers looks forward to helping you recover from your accident with dignity and respect.

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