Injured From A Dog Bite Attack?

Dog bites cause thousands of injuries in the US each year. Victims recover an estimated $2 billion per year.

Many dog bite injuries affect children and the elderly and often result in cuts and lacerations that lead to infection. People of all ages can be victims of dog bites or animal attacks, and they often leave significant emotional injuries. Dog bite attacks cause serious bodily injury, cause trauma and emotional scars. California is a strict-liability state, meaning the plaintiff does not need to prove that the dog was vicious or had a dangerous propensity.

Dog Bite Attacks

Dog bites happen to about 4.7 million people every year. 800,000 of those people seek medical attention, with 386,000 requiring treatment in an emergency room (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC). Very few dog bites are fatal. 31 people died as the result of dog bites in 2011 (American Veterinary Medical Association, AVMA). Dog bite lawyers can help you obtain the medical treatment you need and the monetary compensation and justice you deserve with such devastating cases. Negligence by dogowners can be found if a specific dog breed is known to pose a great risk of harm or has the propensity to attack and the dogowner for example allows the animal or pet to walk without a leash. The most common dog bite attack incidents have been found to occur with these specific breeds: pitbulls, German Shepherds, Labrador retrievers, Rottweilers, and Chows. Of course, other breeds may also have a great propensity to attack or bite as well. In 2012, California's postal service workers were bitten in record-breaking numbers and had the largest number of dog-bite related claims for at least one major insurance company in 2011. 527 dog bite claims were filed with that company, and victims received $20.3 million in settlements. That represented an increase of 31% since 2010.

Dog bite injuries and attacks accounted for nearly $479 million in insurance claims in 2011. This amounted to about one-third of all homeowners’ liability insurance claims that year.

Many of the victims bitten by dogs are children. The ASPCA predicts half of all children in the United States will be bitten by a dog before age 12. The majority of bites will be from the family dog or the dog of a neighbor or friend.

Many factors contribute to a dog's tendency to bite: heredity, training, socialization, health, and the behavior of humans around it can all cause a dog to bite. Frequently, when children are bitten, it is because the child provoked the dog, got between the dog and its food or otherwise behaved in a way that threatened the dog.

California’s Strict Liability Law for Dog Owners

California law section 3342 applies a rule of strict liability for pet owners for the acts and injuries caused by their animals. The law requires the injured person to prove ownership of the animal and that the victim was lawfully present when attacked. It does not matter what breed the dog is or how it has behaved in the past. The law also requires the injured victim to not be in violation of the law when the injury occurred i.e. as a trespasser or burglar. The victmi must have been in a public place or legally on private property.

California law does not cover other injuries that a dog might cause, like knocking someone down, scratching them or jumping. Those types of injuries can be the basis for personal injury lawsuits based on negligence or other aspects of the common law.

The law protects working dogs that serve governmental agencies, the police and the military. A person who is injured while one of these dogs is performing its trained duties cannot pursue a personal injury claim. However, if a bystander or someone not directly involved in the police or military action receives an injury, that person can file a personal injury lawsuit.

  • Generally, California follows the strict liability application under Section 3342. An even greater application is applied if a dog has bitten before, under section 3342.5. Some states have “one bite exception” laws. In some states, dog bite laws cover bites only when a person is on the owner’s property legally: performing normal duties like delivering mail and reading meters or with the owner's permission. In those states, trespassers are not protected by dog bite laws. California does protect trespassers with its dog bite law but the burden of proof is higher for the injured trespassing victim. These laws assume that any dog might bite someone once. With these laws, the owner’s legal liability only kicks in when a dog bites a second time. The law assumes that–if the dog bites someone a second time–it is a dangerous dog. California law does not follow the "one bite exception" and instead poses liability any time a dog bites someone.
  • If a dog or other pet attacks you or a loved one, then you should contact us right away for a consultation. We have experienced attorneys standing by to advise you on the law as it applies to your situation and your claim against the dog owner and landlord where the injury occurred. If the bite causes any significant physical injury, medical expenses, and any type of short or long-term injury, you should consider pursuing your claim against the lawful owner of the dangerous animal.
  • You may be able to recover damages for your physical injuries, medical costs, and pain and suffering. You may also make a claim for future medical costs if warranted. If you lose time from work or business, you can claim for your economic losses including any reduction in your long-term ability to work and earn.
  • Because the dog bite can involve deliberate or malicious misconduct, California law provides for punitive damages that can add to your recovery for pain and economic losses. The law seeks to punish the dog owner for his or her conduct associated with the attack such as when someone "sicks" a dog to attack. Also, where the owner of the dog knows of the dangerous propensity of its pet and lets the dog wander without a leash, punitive damages can be sought.As soon as possible, contact a personal injury lawyer, like those affiliated with Jacoby & Meyers who specialize in dog bites. A lawyer will know how the law applies in your specific situation and will have the knowledge and resources to investigate and document your case.

What You Should Do After Being Bitten or Attacked by a Dog

If you get bitten by any breed dog, you should immediately collect information to prepare your claim.

  • Assure that the dog is restrained and is no longer a danger to anyone.
  • Note the time, date, location and circumstances that led to the dog bite.
  • Identify the owner of the dog and the owner’s contact information.
  • Get the name(s) of any witnesses, with contact information.
  • Take pictures. Be sure to get pictures of the actual injury.
  • Seek medical attention.
  • Report the incident to animal control or the police.
  • Contact a personal injury lawyer who specializes in dog bite cases.
  • Begin to keep a record of events and activities related to the dog bite.

You may not be able to do any of these things right away since you are injured, but you can ask others for help. If possible, you should get the names of any witnesses to the attack. You should ask for the cell phone numbers of anyone that might have taken video of any part of the event. You should also get the personal information of the owner of the pet and the landlord upon which the incident/injury took place.

Damages and Compensation in Dog Bite Cases in California

As with other types of personal injury cases, a person who has received a dog bite is entitled to special damages, which pay for medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages and other specific costs of the injury. Most homeowner and renters insurance policies include coverage for dog bites, even if the dog bites someone away from the owner’s property.

If the injury is severe or causes serious physical, mental or emotional damage, a person may also be entitled to general damages. These cover less measurable costs like pain and suffering and long-term costs if the person will never recover fully from the accident. Payment of long-term costs can include lost wages, retraining, assistance in the home and other costs associated with changes in the person’s professional, personal and social life.

The average payment for a dog bite claim in 2011 was $29,396.

Others are sometimes held responsible in dog bite cases. In addition to dog owners, property owners and landlords may be liable for dog bite injuries if they have not taken appropriate action to ensure that dogs are handled safely on their property.

Select a Reputable California Dog Bite Attorney

Knowledge of personal injury law generally and of laws related to dog bites specifically are critical factors in selecting a personal injury lawyer to represent you in your dog bite lawsuit. Beyond that, the law firm you choose should have a track record of winning settlements for its clients and the resources to pursue a claim no matter how long it takes, with special knowledge and expertise for dog bite attacks with dogs of different breeds and various levels of dangerous propensity.

Look for lawyers who have trained investigators and experts in various fields. The investigators will assure that your accident is thoroughly investigated and documented. Experts either know about the technical aspects of your accident, the medical effects of your injury or the potential economic costs of the accident.

Jacoby & Meyers has decades of experience in the legal field as well as litigation of complex dog bite attack cases with questions of liability. With our winnning record, choose a Jacoby & Meyers attorney to represent your dog bite legal claim or lawsuit.

Every case is unique and past results do not guarantee future results. References to Jacoby & Meyers includes the firm and our affiliate attorneys and co-counsel attorneys.

Common Types of Dog Bite Injuries

The following are some of the most common dog bite injuries questions:

  • How Many People Really Get Bitten by Dogs?

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that approximately 4.7 million people in the United States sustain dog bites annually. Most of the people who die from dog attacks are senior citizens or children who are 14 years of age or younger.

  • How Does California Law Treat Dog Bite Attacks?

    The state of California has a strict liability dog bite statute, which means that whenever a dog bites someone, its owner is responsible. This is true whether or not the owner was negligent or the animal has ever bitten anyone before.

  • What Are the Effects of a Dog Bite Attack?

    Some dog breeds have extremely sharp teeth that can rip flesh, and strong jaws that can break the bone underneath. When children and infants are involved in a dog bite attack, they are likely to be bitten in the face. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that almost 65% of children less than four years old who were attacked by dogs received neck and head injuries. Adults are more likely to sustain arm and leg injuries, including broken bones, amputation, scarring, nerve damage and more.

    Dog bites can cause permanent injuries and lifelong phobias, affecting your ability to care for yourself and your family, as well as the quality of your life. The law firm of Jacoby & Meyers is a group of skilled personal injury attorneys with your interests in mind. Jacoby & Meyers has extensive knowledge and experience about the legal ramifications of dog bite attacks. We can help you get the money you deserve.

  • What Do I Do After a Dog Bite Attack?

    If you or a loved one has suffered a dog bite attack, you should document the details and seek legal assistance immediately. Write down the name of the dog breed, its owner and any witnesses, as well as the injuries you have sustained. The sooner you take action, the more viable your case will be. Contact a personal injury attorney Jacoby & Meyers to find out what you are entitled to. Email or call us for a free consultation today at (888) 522-6291.

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