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Among our many offices, Jacoby and Meyers offer legal representation and services to residents of Fresno County, California for personal injury accidents that arise from negligence. The cases our legal team take on include car accident cases, motorcyclist, trucking, pedestrian, bicyclist and ride sharing cases involving Lyft and Uber. With many vehicles and people on the road, accidents and other dangerous crashes are prevalent. To ensure your speedy recovery from any injuries caused by such an accident that was not your fault and to maximize your financial compensation and recovery from your claim, select none other than Jacoby and Meyers law firm.

With decades of experience, we also represent victims of nursing home negligence, dog bite attacks, slip and fall accidents on public and private property, defective medical devices, construction accidents and more. Our team of litigators, lawyers and case managers will guide your case from the beginning to help seek a settlement that is beneficial to you.

Often times, the facts and evidence are so strong that a lawsuit does not need to be filed. Other instances may involve disputed liability or apportionment of fault which would potentially require litigation. For example, police reports are one form of evidence used by the attorneys on both sides as they are considered reliable as it relates to the facts of the accident. If you were cited by the officer for driving at an unsafe speed or some other vehicle code violation such as drunk driving, then the facts do not support your claim that the other party was at fault or liable. However, if the police or incident report state that the other party was 80% percent at fault and you contributed to the accident as well, that will be taken into account by the lawyers and insurance companies. When such evidence is lacking, witnesses and photographs also help support a plaintiff’s personal injury claim. Of course, the property damage and location of such damage to both vehicles are also taken into consideration.

Contact Jacoby and Meyers if you were involved and injured in such an accident and want to pursue a legal claim against the at-fault party.

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