Why Hire a Trucking Accident Attorney?

As commercial vehicles, big trucks are owned and operated by business interests. They are also heavily regulated by state and Federal government. The combination of commercial and governmental interests in big trucks makes any accident claim involving a truck more complex than most other vehicle accidents.

Consult with an experienced trucking accident lawyer in California immediately after an accident with an 18-wheeler or semi-truck.

  • The destructive force and increased risk of serious personal injury and property damage
  • The likelihood that more than two vehicles have been involved in the accident.
  • The many legal issues that can arise from the business interests that own or run the truck.
  • The Federal and state regulations that govern big trucks on our highways.

Subtle details about the scene may not be obvious to you but will mean a great deal to experts and lawyers experienced in handling these types of accidents. They may also make an impression on the judge and jury if you have to go to court. Here are some critical issues to keep in mind when looking for a truck accident lawyer.

  • Does the lawyer or law firm have extensive experience with this type of accident?
  • Has the lawyer firm won most of its cases involving truck accidents?
  • Do lawyers in the firm have expertise in the trucking industry?
  • Does the law firm have access to experienced investigators and the necessary vehicle, medical and other experts?
  • Does the law firm have staying power? Accident cases often go on for a long time. Not every law firm can afford to stand firm and get the best recovery for their client.
  • Does the law firm have experience in litigating truck crash cases? Can they go to court and win?

Jacoby & Meyers: Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys

Jacoby & Meyers has successfully handled numerous accident cases involving trucks. Supported by their proven technical, industry and medical experts, Jacoby & Meyers can fully investigate and document your accident. They then use that information to build a powerful case for the judge and jury.

Jacoby & Meyers can offer legal services to any driver who was injured from an accident caused by a big rig, an 18-wheeler, a semi-truck or another type of truck that was the negligent or at-fault party. The other driver would be found negligent or liable if he or she violated the law under the California Vehicle Code. Any parties who were at fault for the accident or their insurance companies can be sued or prompted to offer a fair settlement to cover clients’ injuries and medical bills. If a case needs to go to court, evidence will be gathered to support the client’s claim so that a jury will be more likely to award compensation. A lawyer from Jacoby & Meyers can even call in witnesses and experts in tractor-trailers and other large truck model cases to testify. The attorney can also identify laws and regulations that were violated by the truck driver or the employer to try to prove negligence. All insurance lines will also be identified so that the correct parties are held responsible for the accident and the limits of insurance coverage are identified to the extent possible in advance of litigation since there are many different types of automobile insurance coverage that would be of interest.

The Los Angeles truck accident personal injury attorneys on our team at Jacoby & Meyers are in the business of getting remarkable recoveries and victories in terms of compensation for our clients. The money that is awarded typically covers lost wages if applicable, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. Loss of consortium claims are also presented when applicable like in a wrongful death suit in regard to a trucking accident where a loved one (for a loss of consortium claim it would be the spouse who) was killed. Click here to learn about the results we have delivered for our personal injury clients in terms of settlements and victories.

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A truck accident occurs when a vehicle 10,000 pounds or larger hits another vehicle or a pedestrian. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, around 500,000 trucking accidents occur each year, 5,000 of which are fatal.

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