California Lawyers Who Sue Uber and Lyft

For more than four decades Jacoby and Meyers has been protecting the rights of people injured in car accidents, and with the influx in rideshare providers and the growing numbers of accidents that occur due to driver negligence, nothing has changed when it comes to our dedication towards helping clients seek justice. Our personal injury attorneys protect the rights of people involved in Uber and Lyft accidents; we accommodate those who wish to sue these companies so they can get justly compensated for their pain and suffering.

If you have been injured in a rideshare vehicle operated by Uber or Lyft, it is within your legal rights to research our roster of lawyers who sue Uber and Lyft at Jacoby and Meyers, so that you can get the right medical treatment necessary to a full recovery along with the highest possible compensation for your pain, suffering and losses.

California lawyers who sue Uber and Lyft perform their legal services in a rather tumultuous climate. First of all, there are liability percentages to deal with in that portions of negligence can weigh on both the company, and the driver as an individual. In 2019 the California Senate passed Assembly Bill 5 (AB 5) that requires Uber and Lyft to treat their drivers as employees. Both Uber and Lyft refused to recognize the bill claiming that they simply provide a technology platform for gig workers to use as independent contractors. California responded by suing both companies under the claim they failed to meet the requirements of AB 5. The complaint was filed by lawyers from the Office of the California Attorney General as well as city attorney offices of San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco for depriving their drivers of things like minimum wage, health care, reimbursement for business-related expenses, paid sick leave, overtime pay, and other items.

So what does this mean for people who are injured by Uber or Lyft drivers? Due to nature of these businesses and their standing in the state, it is critical to look for California lawyers who sue Uber and Lyft that have the experience, as well as access to large teams of specialists and expert witnesses in order to show causation, prove liability, and get you the right medical care for your injuries, and the highest possible settlement with all of your medical bills paid.

Can I Sue Uber or Lyft when their Driver was at Fault for the Accident?

Just like any other car accident, in order to sue someone you must prove two things: liability and damages. As we mentioned, this can be a challenging thing to do without experienced lawyers who sue Uber and Lyft for their clients, as many liability hurdles can be thrown at victims who are trying to build their own case or work solely with insurance companies. When you have an experienced car accident lawyer with an established history of going after rideshare companies for their clients, you will be able to seek the highest possible compensation for your injuries.

Who Should Work with an Uber Accident Lawyer?

An Uber accident lawyer can defend the rights of anyone who was injured due to the negligence of the rideshare company’s driver. Some of the victims we have recovered damages for include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Uber Driver
  • Uber passengers
  • Pedestrians hit by an Uber driver
  • Other motorists (car accident)
  • Motorcycle riders
  • City workers or anyone whose job requires them to be out on or by the street
  • Scooter riders
  • Victims of violence

There are limitless scenarios that could warrant working with an Uber accident lawyer. Aside from the obvious, imagine an Uber driver suffering from road rage who gets out of his vehicle and assaults another individual. That victim could seek compensation for damages against the company and its driver. If an Uber driver clips a motorcycle and causes it to lose control and crash, the company could be liable. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your accident, call Jacoby and Meyers to have a free consultation with an Uber accident lawyer, and learn the potential value of your case and your best course of action to get your life back on track.

Is a Lyft Accident Lawyer Different from Uber Accident Lawyers?

Really, the answer is no. A Lyft accident lawyer at Jacoby and Meyers also pursues Uber when a driver is negligent and causes an accident. The same laws apply to both rideshare companies, as do the rules of the road as they would apply to any other driver, both public or private. Uber accident lawyers build the same types of cases for their clients that a Lyft accident lawyer would construct. For example, if the passenger has selected the “ride share” feature on the app that saves them money by sharing the trip with other passengers thus making multiple stops, and there is a massive collision, it is possible that the settlement could be split between all people in the vehicle with the largest portion of money going to the person with the biggest injuries. Whether the company is Uber or Lyft is a moot point. All rideshare companies are responsible for hiring proficient, capable drivers with clean backgrounds, and their cars must meet certain standards, including regular maintenance. A car accident lawyer that represents rideshare accident victims will take on a case if the person was injured, regardless of the company that hired or contracted with the driver.

Call the Rideshare Lawyers of Jacoby and Meyers for a Free Consultation

Whether you were injured in an Uber accident, or you incurred damages at the hands of a negligent Lyft motorist, it is of prime importance to speak with the rideshare lawyers of Jacoby and Meyers before you talk to the company at hand, or any insurance providers. Insurance companies have their adjusters who are skilled experts in arguing the lowest possible value of your claim, based on the information you give them. Rideshare giants have entire legal teams that work to ensure their client gets certain information that can be presented in a way to damage your claim’s value. The rideshare lawyers of Jacoby and Meyers know exactly how these entities and legal teams work, so once you have been treated for your injuries by a doctor, give us a call before talking to anyone else. Our free consultation is completely confidential with no obligation to take any additional actions. Let our compassionate, expert team of rideshare lawyers help you understand your legal rights, the value of your claim, and the process to get you back on track with no leftover medical bills and the highest possible financial compensation for your injuries and other losses.

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