Neck Injuries

Spinal Injuries occur with an alarming frequency; in the US, about 11,500 significant spinal cord injuries occur in an average year.

Neck injuries come from many causes including personal injury auto collisions, slip and fall impacts on hard surfaces, and many types of construction accidents. Spinal damage involves serious and severe injuries. The injured plaintiff must prove that his or her injuries were caused by a breach of the defendant’s legal duties or some form of negligence.

Neck & Back Injury Lawyer

One of the most common consequences of a car accident is a back and neck injury, especially if the victim was struck from behind. The neck is connected to the upper back through seven vertebral segments labeled C1 through C7. The skull connects to the top of the cervical spine, and the bottom is attached to the upper part of the back at shoulder level. There are also a series of nerves that run throughout the neck and back, and due to the way one’s body is put together, it is common to injure both the neck and back in a single accident. If you or a loved one gets injured in a serious car accident, call the Jacoby and Meyers personal injury law firm for a neck & back injury lawyer; your free consultation will help you better understand your rights and the value of your claim.

What are the Common Causes of Neck & Back Injuries Lawyers Run Into?

So long as the force of impact is strong enough, any type of accident can cause a neck and back injury. However, the most common cause is a car accident. In 2016 the National Safety Council reported that 4.6 million people were seriously injured in a car accident. Even minor car accidents can cause traumatic injuries related to the neck and back. Because people in cars are strapped in thus ensuring their back is secured to the back of a seat, and the neck remains free to move in any direction on impact, the risk factor for an injury is naturally greater. A Jacoby and Meyers neck & back injury lawyer has helped victims recover huge settlements from negligent actions related (but not limited) to the following:

  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Falls
  • Sports injuries
  • Slip and falls
  • Premises liability injuries
  • Construction accidents
  • Work injuries
  • Violence (physical fights)
  • Defective products
  • Scooter accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Lyft and Uber accidents

The value of your claim will be based on a number of points, including the severity of the accident. Call a neck & back injury lawyer at Jacoby and Meyers to understand your rights and the best direction to take towards recovery and prosperity.

What is a Neck Injury?

In order to fully understand the trauma associated with a neck & back injury, it is important that one starts by understanding exactly what a neck injury entails. The neck contains spongy discs that sit in between each bone of the cervical spine. These run from the base of the skull to the thoracic vertebrae and enable the neck and spine to be flexible. A neck injury can impact the discs and nerves that control its function, along with the arms and upper body. In some cases these injuries are minor leaving a victim with some muscle soreness and they might need a few weeks to recover. In other cases people can get whiplash and have lifelong chronic pain, or worse, become quadreplegic.

Neck injuries can also devastate one’s life without legal justice being met. The cost of medical care can ruin people, neck injuries can leave one unable to work in their career field (or work at all), relationships and family can be torn apart, and victims can be left unable to pursue their life’s dream. In fact, whiplash alone carries an average economic cost in America of around $30 billion, and according to national statistics, more than 6,000 personal injury victims die from neck injuries annually.

Types of Neck Injuries

When you speak to a neck & back injury lawyer, be sure to ask him or her about their experience and the various cases they have worked. Many neck injuries share similar symptoms. These include bruising, headache, pain, localized numbness and widespread numbness. As for injury types, most cases involve the following:

Whiplash - When force triggers an abnormal movement that damages muscles, ligaments, and soft tissues. If not properly treated, the victim can be left with chronic pain and mobility issues.

Neck strain - When the accident causes injury to muscles responsible for the following: chin to chest (flexion), ear to shoulder (lateral flexion), eyes to ceiling (extension), and rotational motions.

Neck Sprain - This happens when the soft tissue in the neck tears or stretches. In many cases there are no clear cut signs of a sprain as this kind of localized trauma can take time to notice. This is why it is critical to seek medical attention after any severe accident.

Herniated disc - When the annulus tears resulting in nucleus pulposus (a jelly-like substance) to ooze out and create pressure against the spinal nerves.

Pinched nerve - Also known as cervical radiculopathy, this is when a nerve is pinched by a bone spur or herniated disc and is not properly relaying electrical signals. As a result, this causes numbness, pain and weakness.

Spinal stenosis - This is when the channel containing the spinal cord and other nerves narrows.

Fractures - A break in the vertebrae column’s bones. An injury like this often requires lengthy rehabilitation and the recovery time is long.

Facet joint injuries - Located behind the discs and spinal column, facet joints prevent irregular motion. When injured, one can experience muscle spasms, pain, and suffer from facet locking syndrome.

Spinal cord injuries - In extreme accidents the spinal cord can be severed, constricted, or compressed. As a result one can be left with partial or full paralysis.

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