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Nobody has a crystal ball and knows what the future has in store. We try to plan for the inevitable, and other events that take place in life to the best of our abilities. However, nobody ever anticipates getting injured by an act of negligence. Since 1972 local residents have contacted an Oxnard personal injury attorney from Jacoby and Meyers in their attempt to get compensation from a negligent individual or entity that left them with a physical injury and losses.

Jacoby and Meyers helps accident victims and surviving family members throughout Oxnard and all of Ventura County in California. Our compassionate approach is run on fully understanding the numerous difficulties people face due to another person’s reckless and careless behavior. From financial devastation to the destruction of relationships, life after an accident can have multiple consequences that can allihalate one’s life without the aid of an Oxnard personal injury attorney capable of building a case that will offer the maximum possible settlement.

You deserve justice, and the person who caused the injury needs to be held responsible. Call the Oxnard personal injury lawyers at Jacoby and Meyers for a free consultation and learn how our approach is unique in the legal field, and how our attorneys are able to secure millions of dollars for the damages inflicted on our clients.

Jacoby and Meyers has a Winning History in Oxnard

Since 1972, Jacoby and Meyers has been representing Oxnard residents in personal injury claims. Our commitment to our clients coincides with a passion for empowering Oxnard by protecting its residents when unthinkable injuries plague their lives. We are proud to be part of Oxnard, and have been collecting millions in damages for our local clients for more than 48 years.

Located about 60 miles west of Downtown Los Angeles, Oxnard is part of Ventura County and draws a great number of people which helps the community to thrive. However, traffic increases also impact the rate of negligent accidents. People are drawn to Oxnard for a number of reasons. It resides on the edge of the fertile Oxnard plain which is an agricultural center for strawberries in the state of California, as well as lima beans. Farming and agriculture have created an influx of jobs, and many working in this industry have purchased homes in Oxnard. The city is also a major transportation hub with Union Pacific, Amtrak, Metrolink, and Greyhound stops. In addition, the Oxnard Airport brings in a large number of regional travelers. Additional crowds come to Oxnard to visit Mandalay State Beach, the Mullin Automotive Museum, the Channel Islands Harbor, and Oxnard State Beach.

Jacoby and Meyers personal injury attorneys in Oxnard know that local attractions, thriving industries, and the prospects of homeownership bring in large cohorts of traffic, and with the population rising so too do the number of accidents caused by negligence. Our lawyers are standing by to help accident victims in Oxnard seek justice, and collect the settlement they deserve.

How a Jacoby and Meyers Oxnard Personal Injury Attorney Wins Large Settlements for Clients

When someone is involved in an accident, the physical and emotional pain can feel like too much to handle. In addition, the injured person’s family members also feel the impact of their loved one’s losses, pain and suffering. In order to get your life back on track, you need the largest possible settlement and the person or entity responsible for your injuries needs to be held accountable.

Any Oxnard personal injury attorney from Jacoby and Meyers is part of an experienced team built with individual specialists, each masters of a niche area within the legal process. From insurance claims to medical reports, and from causation to litigation, an Oxnard personal injury attorney is backed by a thorough team with a combined level of experience that rivals other law firms in the Oxnard area.

We are able to offer our clients the best experience in what is an otherwise hectic circumstance, and collect the highest settlements, through the following means:

Your wellbeing - Our number one priority is your wellness. This means our Oxnard personal injury attorney makes sure you are getting immediate medical treatment, and the right kind of care, above all else. Your quality of life is what matters the most, and in order to have the best life you need the right health care to ensure you can make the most of life after you have been injured. Jacoby and Meyers also makes sure you aren’t left with any devastating medical bills. The liable party that caused the accident, and their insurance, is responsible for covering that. When you call our Oxnard personal injury attorney, we will build the strongest case that will result in that outcome.

Resources - In addition to our experts that work with medical providers to ensure you get the right specialist care, we also have a deep well of expert witnesses that rival those accumulated by other personal injury law firms. We can enhance the value of your case by bringing in expert witnesses from a wide variety of industries. From engineers that can testify to product deficiencies to physicians who can testify to the lack of care one received in a procedure, and from safety experts to resources in the police and fire departments, our Oxnard personal injury attorney assigned to your case has an endless network of expert witnesses that will reinforce your case while increasing the value of your settlement.

Damage calculations - When injury victims seek compensation through an insurance claim or lawsuit, they must first know the claim’s value. This is an extremely difficult figure to establish without seeking the assistance of an Oxnard personal injury attorney. Our lawyers work with clients to add up all expenses and financial losses. We will also work closely with clients and doctors to document pain and suffering, which almost always plays into large percentages of one’s damages. Our Oxnard personal injury attorney also studies how your injuries impact your ability to work both in the immediate future, and in a long term time frame. Finally, we look at your lifestyle prior to the accident, and document any changes that may limit your ability to continue living the quality of life you have always known. For example, if you have a hobby like golf, playing the piano, or cycling and your injuries will limit or prevent you from any future engagement of these, your claim will be worth more.

Negotiation capabilities - A great number of accident claims are settled through insurance settlements. However, more than 80 percent of people who seek support from a Jacoby and Meyers Oxnard personal injury attorney receive multiple thousands, and in some cases millions more, than what the insurance company offers. Insurance companies are predatory and will give the injury victim a low-ball offer while pressuring them to accept the offer. Our personal injury attorneys can identify these meager offers and negotiate a significantly better offer. In the event an insurance company refuses to budge, we go to litigation and win the settlement in court.

The Jacoby and Meyers Reputation - People, businesses, and insurers in Oxnard and across California know that the personal injury attorneys from Jacoby and Meyers are skilled, compassionate, knowledgeable, and aggressively seek the highest settlements for clients. Our reputation combines a passion for justice, a genuine devotion to our local citizens, and the ability to get clients the best possible outcome in their case. Our lawyers refuse to settle for anything less than what you deserve.

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