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Known throughout Kern County, Jacoby and Meyers is a large firm that continues to grow with more than four decades of winning experience offering the best personal injury lawyer Bakersfield CA has to offer to every client in our local region.

Located north of LA along the Kern River, Bakersfield is one of the fastest growing mid-size cities in the United States. Since it was first settled by a large number of Dust Bowl refugees, Bakersfield has grown to be a center for petroleum and oil, agriculture and farming, and it is known as “the country music capital of the West Coast,” as it was home to Merle Haggard and Buck Owens. Bakersfield is also known for raising a number of pro athletes including Joey Porter, Ryan Matthews, and David Carr. Bakersfield is also notorious for its mix of family values and conservative edge, along with its more liberat arts district community. At Jacoby and Meyers we are proud to be a part of this thriving community by offering the best personal injury lawyer Bakersfield CA has to offer to anyone who was injured due to the negligence of another party.

What Defines the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Bakersfield CA has to Offer?

When you or a loved one have been injured due to careless choices made by another person, you may feel a plethora of sensations: anger, fear, sadness, helplessness, and the physical and emotional pain will certainly be on the forefront of these feelings. The best personal injury lawyer Bakersfield CA has to offer will have ample experience in all types of injuries and causes, with an entire staff of specialized experts each focusing on specific components of your case. In addition, the best personal injury lawyer Bakersfield CA has to offer will be compassionate and take genuine care in handling your case as if you were family. Ultimately, you and your attorney are in the case together, so having a lawyer that relates to you and your case on a personal level is critical to your ability to get the highest settlement.

The best personal injury lawyer Bakersfield CA has to offer will also be one of many attorneys from a large firm with decades of experience. Navigating the insurance companies, combating insurance writers, and finding expert witnesses requires years of experience and special relationships that took decades of professional experience to form. If a local resident is injured on the job and loses an arm in a farming accident, the attorney will have a better case proving the high value of the deserved settlement with an expert witness that can speak on behalf of safety procedures, farming equipment, and regulations. Having medical expert witnesses to give the courts a clear understanding of future pain and suffering is also paramount to the case. When interviewing your shortlist of attorneys, you can identify the best personal injury lawyer Bakersfield CA has on the map by making sure he or she hits all of the above mentioned points.

Choosing One of Many Personal Injury Lawyers Bakersfield CA has in a Directory

You can spend days and even weeks researching attorneys from a local list of Bakersfield CA personal injury lawyers; these directories are massive, and most of them lack the detailed information you need to make a good decision in making your shortlist. A more efficient use of your time is to ditch the directory and instead look at the various large firms offering personal injury lawyers Bakersfield CA is known for.

When you find a personal injury law firm like Jacoby and Meyers serving the communities of Bakersfield, CA, call and let the person know what your legal problem is, and the type of attorney you hope to work with. Here are some of the top attributes clients look for in the best personal injury lawyers Bakersfield CA has to offer:

Lawyer’s fees - Some lawyers charge for their time in blocks of minutes, or they use a token system represented by increments of time. Then there are other personal injury attorneys that have a set fee based on the nature of the case. Either way, this method can cost you a large sum of money. Instead, look for the best personal injury lawyers Bakersfield CA has to offer that only adjust their fees if the case goes to litigation. Furthermore, they should only collect their fee if you win your case. Also, get a clear estimate of what your case is worth and ask for a breakdown of the lawyer’s fees and the actual settlement window amount you are looking at.

Communication - Some lawyers only communicate through email, others have set phone or in-person meetings at specified times, with strict limits. Personal injury cases deal with pain, emotional turbulence, and there are many moving pieces. The best personal injury lawyers Bakersfield CA offers will be more readily available to communicate with you based upon your needs, within reasonable expectations. Aside from an acceptable level of communication frequency, look for attorneys you feel comfortable speaking to. If you seek a compassionate, friendly lawyer, then make sure the attorneys you scope out fulfil that communication style.

Reputation - The best personal injury lawyers Bakersfield CA has representing Kern County offer verified, transparent client testimonials, a history of settlements won for their clients, and each attorney on staff will have a biography on their website. Look to see who these lawyers are; what do they stand for? Who do they help? What philanthropic gestures have they made, and how have they helped their local community? What kind of reputation does the firm have in their industry and in the Bakersfield courthouse? Do they advertise, and is their name instantly recognized due to their years of service and successful growth?

When to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer Bakersfield CA has Available to Build Your Case.

If you or a loved one have been injured due to another person’s negligent actions, the first thing you need to do is seek immediate medical attention. Your health and wellness is the most important thing. Never jeopardize your life by delaying medical care. Once you have been treated and are in stable condition, call a personal injury lawyer Bakersfield CA has to offer from the Jacoby and Meyers firm, and let us deal with the stress and pressure while you recover and focus on healing. Our personal injury lawyers will collect all the evidence, analyze reports, gather expert witnesses, deal with the insurance companies, and present your case in a way that argues your right to the maximum compensation possible, with the best medical care leaving you with no devastating healthcare bills. Let our personal injury attorneys help you and your family get your life back on track, and let us secure your prosperous, successful future while we help you get through these difficult times right now.

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