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Jacoby & Meyers prides itself on serving clients all over California including residents of Riverside County. Clients who sustain personal injury as a result of an accident, which was not their fault, may qualify for legal representation and even litigation depending on the circumstances of your case and the facts of the incident. Our team of attorneys and specialists will discuss your case with you and determine whether we can help you pursue a legal claim against the defendant or wrongdoing third-party.

We represent clients on a wide array of personal injury claims, cases and lawsuits ranging from simple to complex in terms of liability, injury and the facts of the incident. We exclusively handle personal injury matters for our clients and do so on a contingency basis - meaning we only collect our fee if we recover a positive settlement on your behalf. In fact, we only represent clients who have sustained an injury or suffered a loss as a result of another’s negligence- meaning we exclusively represent plaintiffs in such legal matters.

We work hard to identify all the strengths and weaknesses of your claim upfront before beginning our work and advocacy of your claim. We assist our clients in receiving proper and timely medical treatment to help them recover from their injuries while we aggressively pursue compensation from the defendant’s insurance company. Such compensation would include general damages, special damages and at times where warranted, in egregious cases, punitive damages. Click here to learn about how we pursue legal action in a car accident and other motor-vehicle accident claims.

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