Ventura County Personal Injury Lawyers

Many of our clientele from Ventura County tell us they experience some of the most horrific and life-altering accidents in this area of California. From felony drunk driving to life-altering injuries including accidents that result in the death of another and leads to a wrongful death claim, our clients seek the expertise of Jacoby & Meyers to prosecute and litigate their legal personal injury claim against the wrongdoer or negligent third-party.

We have experience representing clients who undergo severe bodily injury including broken bones, fractures, paralysis, amputations, burn injuries and more. The medical treatment we want our clients to obtain immediately in such accidents is of the highest importance. For us, the health and safety of our clients are paramount. The first thing to do in such situations in the aftermath of a serious accident is to call 911 and be transported by paramedics to obtain immediate medical attention when the circumstances require it. Speaking to witnesses or calling the police is secondary, though helpful to your legal case.

Even before we pursue your legal claim, we advise our clients to recover from their injuries by obtaining the necessary treatment. While our clients get better and heal, we pursue their claim for them from A to Z. If you have suffered in any type of personal injury accident that resulted from another’s negligence, then liability may exist for you to recover compensation both economic and special damages, including for your pain and suffering.

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