Northern California Devastated by Deadly Wildfires

More than 5,700 structures and buildings were destroyed by wildfires that burned all across Northern California, killing 42 innocent people during the month of October. It was the deadliest wildfire that was ever recorded in the history of California.

On October 12, 2017, a forest south of Dry Creek Canyon, west of Napa was burned to ashes by a wildfire that raged on. On that same day, a wildfire broke out in Sonoma which required the use of a helicopter in order to quell the flames the next day. Mendocino County and other nearby North Bay counties were also affected by wildfires, with smokes rising above the atmosphere, which was visible from San Francisco Bay. Trees along the road near Calistoga were covered in fire as the wildfires continues to burn.

On October 13, 2017, firefighters along the Highway 29 carried water hoses to put out the fires and prevent them from spreading further in Calistoga. Despite the high winds returning and the low humidity, the firefighters were still able to conquer and quell the flames of the burning blaze in California’s wine country. Geyserville was also affected by a wildfire.

On October 14, 2017, another wildfire that towers above electric poles has spread across the trees behind the Ledson Winery in Kenwood, an area near Santa Rosa. Properties were burned effortlessly during the early morning hours in Sonoma. Santa Rosa houses were destroyed and is in ruins, as seen near Fountaingrove Parkway on that same day. Not only the Fountaingrove Parkway, but also the Coffeey Park was devastated by the wildfire. Nothing was spared by the wildfires at all.

When the wildfires finally died out, search and rescue teams were sent in to search for bodies. Despite their efforts, hundreds of people were still missing in the wildfires spread all over California, sweeping areas and killing at least 40 people, leaving thousands of damaged homes, businesses, and buildings.

Animals also suffered from these tragic incidents. After the fires started, people abandoned their pets and started running towards safety, leaving the animals scared and helpless. The good thing is most of the animals were rescued and were brought to the county animal shelter for protection and care.

Our law firm would like to express our sincere sympathies to the family and friends of the victim whose lives were lost in the wildfires.

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