Founding Partner Len Jacoby

Len Jacoby

Founding Partner

Jacoby & Meyers is one of the leading law firms in the United States dating back to its founding in 1972. With attorneys licensed to practice throughout the country, we represent clients from a wide variety of backgrounds and legal needs. Our many decades of experience have shaped Jacoby & Meyers to stand the test of time and success.

Len's Success Story

  • 1964

    Undergraduate Education

    Among founder Len Jacoby’s many accomplishments, his education is also quite impressive. He attended UC Berkeley and UCLA and graduated with honors in 1964.

  • 1967

    Law School Graduation

    After completing his law school education in 1967 at UCLA Law School, he earned his Juris Doctor degree.

  • 1970

    Started Practical Law Courses, Inc.

    In addition, Len Jacoby founded a continuing education program for lawyers called Practical Law Courses, Inc. in the mid 1970’s and became president of that organization. Afterwards, Jacoby & Meyers grew rapidly and became one of the most successful and prominent law firms in the country.

  • 1972

    Found Jacoby & Meyers

    Five years later, in 1972, he founded the now household name law firm Jacoby & Meyers with his partner Stephen Meyers.

  • 1977

    Right to Inform

    Aside from making monumental developments in the field of law, Jacoby & Meyers won the right to inform the public about its legal services in 1977.