Santa Clarita Personal Injury Lawyers

Residents of Santa Clarita who have been victim to a personal injury or accident that causes them bodily injury or harm may be entitled to legal representation for your claim. Be mindful there is a statute of limitations under California law after which any entitlement to your legal claim may lapse and be forfeited. It is important to contact an attorney immediately and discuss the facts of your case. Our team of Santa Clarita professional attorneys and litigators are readily available to speak with you and fight for your case.

Many of our clients have suffered disastrous injuries which they must live with long after their case settles. We know this fact and fight aggressively on your behalf against the insurance company. When necessary, we litigate and take your case to court if negotiations are insufficient. Depending on the facts of your case and your circumstances, we have proper channels and avenues of pursuit in the legal arena. We assist with your medical treatment, help schedule doctor appointments, manage your case and even help with your property damage all so you can rest assured while your case is being pursued.

Contact Jacoby & Meyers today and speak with one of our team specialists regarding the facts of your case. We do represent our Santa Clarita, California clients in many different types of personal injury accidents from car accidents to construction accidents and much more. Call us to learn more about what we routinely do for our clients in obtaining them the fair and necessary compensation they so deserve. Compensation can include and usually does include pain and suffering damages, past and future medical treatment, loss of income or lost wages due to an inability to work.

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