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Our law firm has a team of experienced personal injury attorneys in all areas and aspects of personal injury law. From catastrophic injury accidents which cause brain or spinal cord injury to fractures of the skull or spine requiring multiple and/or extensive surgeries, we have done it all. We have represented young children who have been subject to horrific and tragic accidents as well as accidents involving the elderly. From wrongful death cases to hit and run car accidents, our law firm is highly trained in dealing with such significant and important claims.

We are a one-stop shop that handles everything from beginning to end. This includes medical treatment, negotiations with doctors after your settlement is reached, negotiating with the insurance company, handling your property damage and much more. We argue liability where valid and possible and in alignment with our client’s best interests.

Some of our clients have sustained injuries including to the brain, laceration, burn injuries and far worse. We assist our clients in obtaining timely and appropriate medical treatment so they can recover and begin to live pain-free as soon as possible. Sometimes this is not completely possible due to the nature and extent of their injuries. The aftermath is usually not simple to overcome. Often times, our clients have to live with life-long injuries like seizures or similar debilities. However, we do everything in our power to allow our clients to focus on their recovery while we pursue and preserve their legal claim.

Contact Jacoby & Meyers today to see whether we can assist you with your claim. Our personal injury lawyers are readily available. Located in Los Angeles, California, we represent many residents of Santa Monica.

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