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The personal injury attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers are available to victims who have sustained injury as a result of a personal injury accident in West Hollywood, California. We are diligent and thorough, looking at every detail and factual circumstance. We pay attention to everything. We review everything. We discuss and communicate openly and honestly with our clients regarding the strengths, weaknesses and likely outcome or resolution of your case up front. As we negotiate and deal with liability issues with the insurance company adjuster, we notify and keep our clients informed as things progress and new information is disclosed.

While our clients obtain the medical treatment they need for their personal bodily injuries, we pursue their legal claim rigorously. We typically do not recommend our clients accept the first, second or often the third offer from an insurance company, depending on the circumstances and where warranted. We are strategic and aggressive when it comes to our clients’ interests. Click here to see our law firm's results and victories in car accidents, slip and falls, burn injuries and more.

Many cases often end up in litigation. We are just as successful in those cases which have significant injury or liability, as we are in resolving cases without ever filing a lawsuit against the insurance company.

If you live in West Hollywood, contact our personal injury law practice today to discuss your accident and the options under the law for your legal claim.

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