Why You Should Have a Free Consultation with a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer VS. Settling with the insurance Company

According to ‘Business Insider’, Los Angeles is one of the country’s top cities with the worst traffic. According to their research, Los Angeles drivers waste 103 hours a month in congestion per capita. This has a significant impact on the risk of increased motorcycle accidents for two main reasons: (1) road rage is rampant in LA, and aggravated drivers will aggressively switch lanes in attempt just to pass one driver, and (2) most motorcycle drivers straddle lanes and pass congested traffic: thee two factors create a cocktail for disaster. The U.S. Department of Transportation says you are 37 times more likely to die in a motorcycle accident than in a car accident. Furthermore, the majority of motorcycle accidents leave the rider with catastrophic, life-threatening injuries. Additionally, thousands of motorcycle accident victims report that they still suffer from pain and face challenges in working a full time job as a result of their injuries from a motorcycle accident, decades after the disaster took place. Combine all of these factors and common sense should tell you that having a free consultation with a Los Angeles Motorcycle accident lawyer is critical to ensuring you have the best life possible, and to set you and your family up for prosperity and wellbeing in the years to come. 

A Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Will Teach You the Tricks Used by Insurance Companies

Ever notice how desperate insurance companies are to speak with you as quickly as possible after a motorcycle accident has occurred? They want to reach you before you have a chance to speak with a lawyer. They have a number of tactics used in which they subtly trap people into making false statements about the nature of their injuries and the accident itself. They will start by asking a number of questions, with specifically crafted follow-up questions based on your answer. Then they try to get you to give a recorded statement, and some will even email you paperwork to sign. Under no circumstances should you speak to the insurance companies or sign anything until first having a free consultation with a Los Angeles motorcycle lawyer from Jacoby and Meyers. We will research your case, gather all of the evidence, give a realistic value of your case, and force the insurance companies to recognize the true value of your case and compensate you for the highest possible amount that you deserve. But before all of this can happen, your first step is to have that free consultation so you can gain a better understanding of your rights, and get the ball rolling in the right direction. 

Our Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Understands Bikers; Our Free Consultation is Catered to Your Needs and Case Type

Whether you belong to a motorcycle club, you use your motorcycle for work, for commuting, or for leisure fun, Jacoby and Meyers has been collecting millions of dollars for motorcycle riders just like you since 1973. We know that a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver sparks outrage, can limit your ability to work and support your family, can cause long-term pain and suffering, and burden your family. When you call a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer from Jacoby and Meyers for a free consultation, not only will we research your case, medical records, police report, and any other evidence, we will also listen to you and get a firm understanding as to how the accident has impacted you and your family’s life, and we will construct a plan to help you and your loved ones get through this difficult time. 

Once you have been initially treated for your injuries directly after an accident, your next step should be to call Jacoby and Meyers so that we can immediately begin protecting the integrity of your case. We are your legal dream team, and our attorneys have been on top of their game for more than 48 years. Call today; we are in this together, and ready to help.