Were you Injured in an 18 Wheeler Accident?

Fatal truck accidents occur on the roads in the United States every day. An approximate 400,000+ number of trucking accidents including commercial trucks and tractors occur every year. With such numbers, unfortunately the injuries to passengers and drivers alike proportionally rise in 18 wheeler accidents.

Because of the large scale and massive weight of these trucks, the driver of an 18 wheeler typically does not have ample time or opportunity to correct course if an accident has begun. So many laws have been passed in the state of California regarding weight and size of trucks for precisely this reason. If the driver of the 18 wheeler has failed to break in a timely manner or made such a wide turn as to collide into a compact vehicle, the damage is usually done. This is why driving trucks and larger vehicles of this nature like big rigs and semi-trucks require great caution, care and diligence.

There are many concerns that can come to mind when driving an 18 wheeler or big rig. One of which is drivers of such vehicles falling asleep behind the wheel when traveling large distances or cross country. Often times, drivers work for commercial companies or food chains and must drive for hours at a time or days at a time. Many of our clients at Jacoby & Meyers, were sadly injured in an accident with a big rig or 18 wheeler. The personal injury and bodily injury to our clients in such accidents have been severe and debilitating. From broken bones, to amputations to severe paralysis, our clients have experienced the worst of such accidents. The damage can even be called catastrophic injury in certain cases.

At Jacoby & Meyers, we strive to help our injured clients recover, obtain medical treatment for their injuries and become healthy again to return back to work while we fight your legal battle against the liable party on your behalf. Our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers are the finest legal minds, aggressive negotiations and experienced litigators when it comes to trucking accidents.

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