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Injured In A Construction Accident?

Construction accident employees are susceptible to workplace injuries every day. From high rise buildings to residential homes, construction accidents are common and a frequent consequence of the construction industry. Although construction workers have safety precautions in place or should by their employer, accidents still occur. The result is painful physical and bodily injury with the potential of loss of work or the ability to work.

For instance, an opening in the ceiling such as a skylight or unguarded area can place an even careful worker at risk. They may slip, fall or trip and for a second not see the opening. Other scenarios can and do occur, whether it is a scaffolding accident, electrocution involving electrical wires, or a fall from heights. Handling machinery such as saws, bulldozers, cranes, jackhammers and compacter can all subject the user to safety risks and injuries. Sadly such physical injuries can also lead to death, giving rise to a potential legal claim of wrongful death.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 5,000 workplace injuries resulted in the death of an employee, many of which were from construction site accidents. California has one of the highest incidences of construction accidents per year in America.

Types of Construction Accident Injuries

The potential injuries that can result at a construction project, job or site can range from minor requiring physical therapy and rehabilitation to severe requiring surgery and having long term ramifications.

For example, we unfortunately see many cases where the injured victim suffers paralysis and loses control over his or her mobility and bodily functions. This can be in various forms such as spinal cord damage, paraplegia or quadriplegia. Others may suffer broken bones or amputation. In cases of electrocution, there might be burn injuries that result. Other construction workers may sustain brain injuries or damage to the head's functional memory from a concussion.

Frequently Asked Questions about Construction Accidents

  • Do Many People Die From Construction Accidents?

  • What Should I Do After I Have Been Involved in a Construction Accident?

    You should receive a full medical checkup to verify any injuries you may have sustained, and contact a lawyer immediately. The longer you wait to seek legal assistance, the less viable your case may be. The skilled attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers have experience with construction accident cases and we can present your case to the employer or insurance company so that you receive the settlement or verdict you deserve.

  • How Can Being Injured in a Construction Accident Affect My Life?

    If you have been the victim of a construction accident, you may have sustained temporary or permanent injuries. You may lose time at work and wages that support you and your family, compounded by expensive hospital bills. In the worst case scenario, you may not be able to work again at all or in the field of construction.

  • Does My Employer Have Insurance?

    Employers of construction workers are required by California state law to maintain insurance policies in order to cover employees or other persons on construction sites in case of injury. However, not all companies abide by this law. Therefore, It is advisable to select an attorney who knows how to deal directly with employers regarding construction accident claims. The lawyers at Jacoby & Meyers have many years of experience with Construction Accident lawsuits, and our sole goal is to act in your best interests. We will pursue your case aggressively and present it to the insurance company or the employer as effectively as possible.

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