Personal Injury Amputations

Amputations can be the unfortunate result of a car, truck or bus accident or when pedestrians are struck on the roadway by a moving vehicle. It can also result from construction accidents where safety precautions are not in place or enforced.

Complications from cuts, heavy impacts, and infection can lead to the loss of a limb that must be amputated. Amputations cause devastating pain, discomfort, and sadness. Sadly, the amputation is the medical solution and treatment as the loss of a hand, arm, leg or other body part can never really be replaced.

Best California Amputation Lawyer

An amputation lawyer is required when an individual has suffered the loss of a limb, foot or hand due to the negligence of another person or entity. Amputations fall under the category of catastrophic injuries and can leave victims with life-long pain and suffering. It is critical to call an amputation lawyer at Jacoby and Meyers to ensure your rights are protected, and you receive the financial compensation you deserve.

Why Call an Amputation Lawyer When Insurance is Willing to Settle Right Away?

All insurance companies are eager to settle immediately when dealing with a personal injury victim that suffered an amputation. The reason is simple: when people hire an amputation lawyer, more than 70 percent of them get thousands, sometimes millions of more dollars, when working with a personal injury attorney that specializes in catastrophic amputation injuries. The job of an insurance adjuster is to pay out as little as possible to the victim, while downplaying the severity of their injury.

When you partner with an amputation injury lawyer at Jacoby and Meyers, you stand the best chance possible to receive a significantly higher settlement, even with legal fees that are collected after you win your case.

What are Common Accidents that Cause Amputations?

Before we look at common amputation causes, let’s first understand exactly what an amputation is. An amputation is a catastrophic injury that involves the separation of a limb or appendage from the body. This can be the surgical or traumatic removal of a limb. In other words, a factory worker might have his arm ripped off his body after reaching into a piece of working machinery to retrieve his phone, or a woman might get attacked by a dog and suffer extreme injuries to the leg that require a surgical team to have it removed and replaced with a prosthetic. According to The Limb Loss Resource Center, one in 200 people in the United States have had some form of an amputation, and at least 30,000 traumatic amputations occur in the US each year.

Our amputation lawyers have dealt with multiple cases where victims have suffered the loss of a limb, or an appendage, for (but not limited to) the following reasons:

  • Industrial accidents / work accidents
  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian and bicycle injuries
  • Dog attacks
  • Wild animal attacks on private and federal lands
  • Leisure activities (skydiving, dirt bikes, skateboarding, etc)
  • Sports injuries
  • Medical malpractice error (failure to property treat an infection)
  • Lacerations that became infected
  • Agricultural accidents
  • Gun shot
  • Explosions and fireworks
  • Ring avulsion
  • Car door and building door accidents
  • Premises liability accidents
  • Defective products

Here is an example of an amputation injury type that would have a legal claim to pay for the victim’s medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering under the right circumstances:

A construction company is engaged in putting up a new building. There should be a safety inspector for every team. One day, the safety inspector for the 13th floor’s welding team is not present, and the supervisor orders the foreman to have the welding team start work without the safety inspector’s presence. With nobody to tell the workers to remove their jewelry, the risk of injury increases. One of the workers trips, reaches to grab the scaffolding to prevent his fall, but his wedding ring becomes snagged in the scaffolding and his finger is amputated due to the force of his own bodyweight

If a case like this was brought to an amputation lawyer at Jacoby and Meyers, our experienced attorneys could prove causation, negligence, bring in expert medical and construction witnesses, and help the client get the highest possible compensation, along with an outcome where the victim isn’t left with medical bills. Injuries like this don’t just impact your present life; the loss of a finger could impact your ability to work for the rest of your life in your career field, prevent you from engaging in beloved pastimes, and cause deep psychological scars that may impact you and your family.

How an Amputation Lawyer Works with Insurance Coverage

Any amputation lawyer at Jacoby and Meyers has extensive experience working with insurers and insurance companies to resolve cases above and beyond any client satisfactory expectations. A strong legal case, presented in the right fashion, provides an incentive for settlement offers. An amputation lawyer will engage all liable and reasonable parties while attributing the right percentage of legal liability and responsibility for the injury they caused you.

Our team of experienced amputation lawyers, case managers and specialists evaluate your case and determine what coverage is available, as well as any potential insurance issues that would present limitations in your settlement. Our team analyzes your own insurance coverage as well as the defendant’s. In some situations a liable third party may not have insurance, or a big enough policy to cover your damages. This may cause you to have to delve into your own policy(like uninsured motorist coverage) to best protect yourself and afford you the required coverage.

Jacoby and Meyers Helps You Rebuild Your Life After an Amputation Injury

After a personal injury leaves you with an amputation, you and your loved ones will likely face the tiresome task of rebuilding life. Based on the type of amputation and its severity, a catastrophic injury like this can have a negative impact on romantic relationships, family relationships, career, jobs, school, personal fulfillment and happiness, and a number of other aspects that make up life as we know it.

Amputation injuries can also present a loss of consortium claim between spouses. In addition, amputation victims often require rehabilitation and must learn new lifestyle skills. The amputation lawyers at Jacoby and Meyers don’t just partner with you through the legal journey of seeking the highest compensation possible, we also help you navigate those personal hurdles that such an injury brings to help ensure you are left in a position to live the best life possible.

Due to our personal experience of more than 48 years in protecting the legal rights and livelihoods of victims who lost a limb or appendage, our amputation lawyers offer a genuine, caring approach, through a highly skilled staff alongside the best personal injury attorneys, to help you recover compensation. We bring a level of sensitivity, as we understand your needs, and our team of lawyers know every corner of all extended circumstances that tie into cases of this nature. Call Jacoby and Meyers for a free consultation, and learn how we can help you piece your life back together.

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