Injured In A Bus Accident?

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Jacoby and Meyers Bus Accident Lawyer

A California bus accidents lawyer is not sought after as often as other attorneys specializing in personal injury areas. However, when you or a loved one have been injured in a bus accident, you will need an experienced lawyer who can present your case and help you get the maximum compensation you deserve.

Why Hire a Bus Accident Lawyer if I have Insurance?

Although many believe that working with an attorney means you get less money in the end, this is a common misconception. Working with a bus accident lawyer from Jacoby and Meyers can help you get more money as opposed to settling with insurance companies.

Insurance companies have their own agenda, and it is to always settle with the injured party for as little money as possible. When you call Jacoby and Meyers for a free consultation with a bus accident lawyer you will gain a clear understanding of your rights and what you are entitled to. In addition, you will learn how our legal team collects all the necessary evidence to prove that the bus company or driver is liable, and what exactly you are entitled to for your damages, pain and suffering.

Bus Accident Injury Claims can Garner High Settlements

Some bus accident victims have higher claims than other people injured in common motor vehicles due to the fact that a bus is large and therefore tends to cause greater bodily and property damage. With California’s rapid growth, especially in the Los Angeles area, the number of bus accidents are on the rise.

Most buses have rows of windows. In an accident broken glass can be sprayed at high velocity, in all directions. In addition, seats can pin injured passengers due to metal twisting from the force of the collision. There are so many things that can go wrong in a bus accident that lead to multiple injury types, including catastrophic ones. From broken bones to brain injuries, and from lacerations to amputations, under certain circumstances bus accidents can create a wide variety of injuries, including critical ones thus entitling plaintiffs to large settlements.

Types of Cases a Jacoby and Meyers Bus Accident Lawyer Will Take

Whether you or a loved one was a passenger in a bus that had an accident, or you were struck by a bus as a pedestrian, or in another vehicle, so long as you were injured, Jacoby and Meyers has an experienced bus accident lawyer capable of helping you get the settlement you deserve.

There are several types of buses that can injure people thus entitling them to a settlement. These include the following:

  • Transit buses
  • School buses
  • Charter buses
  • Converted buses (food trucks, tiny homes, mobile businesses)
  • Greyhound buses
  • School buses
  • Corporate buses
  • Tourist buses
  • Small businesses (daycares, retirement communities, churches, etc)
  • Motorhomes and RVs

With more students, commuters, tourists, businesses, and growing populations with busier freeways and roads in California, bus accidents are on the rise. If you are involved in an accident be sure to contact a bus accident lawyer at Jacoby and Meyers to protect your rights, and get you the highest possible compensation you deserve.

School Bus Accident Lawyer

At Jacoby and Meyers our experienced bus accident lawyers understand that injuries sustained in these types of crashes can result from a number of errors and violations. School bus accidents are, unfortunately, common when it comes to this personal injury cohort. Here are some of the leading causes for school bus accidents:

  • Driver error
  • Driver fatigue
  • Mechanical problems
  • Lack of safety features
  • Failure to properly assist children in embarking and disembarking

According to Stanford University involving a study on school bus safety, roughly 17,000 children are treated in hospital emergency rooms every year for injuries associated with school bus accidents. While more than 40 percent of school bus accidents are caused by vehicular accidents, 24 percent of injuries occur when children are getting on or off a school bus.

It is the school district’s responsibility to ensure their fleet of school buses get regularly scheduled maintenance, pass county and state safety regulations, and that drivers have the proper training and licensing. If there is an oversight, the school district can be held liable for your child’s injuries.

File a Greyhound Bus Lawsuit with Jacoby and Meyers

Greyhound bus accidents have caused severe injuries and deaths. In 2019 a 15 million dollar verdict was awarded to passengers on a Greyhound bus in which the driver fell asleep resulting in a collision with a tractor-trailer that killed one person and injured dozens of others. Much like commercial truckers, Greyhound bus drivers can succumb to long hours and fatigue thus causing them to fall asleep behind the wheel causing catastrophic accidents.

Mechanical failures can also lead to Greyhound bus accidents, as can poorly trained drivers. For example, Greyhound bus drivers are instructed to lock the bus when making rest stops, and some bus crashes have occurred due to deranged individuals sneaking onto the bus and taking control of the vehicle. Furthermore, passenger fights have caused driver interference resulting in crashes. When fights break out the driver is supposed to pull over to the side of the road, and based on the situation either kick out the disruptive passengers, call the police, or both.

Some Greyhound bus drivers have even been caught under the influence of a substance after causing a crash. In March of 2019 a Greyhound bus driver was given a DUI after causing a crash on a freeway in Fresno.

If you are injured in a Greyhound crash, call our bus accident lawyers at Jacoby and Meyers so you can seek justice and compensation for your pain and suffering.

Have a Free Consultation with a Jacoby and Meyers Bus Accident Lawyer

Call our legal experts for a free consultation with a Jacoby and Meyers bus accident lawyer, and get a better understanding of the law and your rights. In some cases, a court can rule a settlement that is to be divided between all injured partiers, with those sustaining the worse injuries getting a higher percentage of the settlement. You will need an experienced bus accident lawyer to ensure you get the highest awarded amount possible. Whether you were injured with other passengers, or you were the only one to sustain an injury, a bus accident lawyer can help you get the right medical treatment and avoid any medical bills after everything is said and done. The attorney can also help you avoid being manipulated by insurance companies while getting you the maximum settlement you deserve.

Call Jacoby and Meyers today and let us help make your life easier.

Common Types Of Bus Accident Questions

The following are typical questions relating to bus accidents:

  • What Happens After I Have Been Injured in a Bus Accident?

    Be sure to seek medical attention immediately. This will allow you to verify any injuries you have received. The longer you wait to document the occurrence and contact a lawyer, the less viable your case may be in court. In addition, it is important to obtain a police report and or incident report from the bus driver in order to clarify liability.

    Before giving a statement to an insurance company or the bus company, you should contact an attorney. It is usually also wise to refrain from signing a medical release or authorization form before contacting a lawyer. The attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers have experience with Bus Accident insurance claims, and can help you receive the settlement or verdict you deserve.

  • Do I Need a Lawyer If I Have Insurance?

    Bus Accidents can be more complex than other types of vehicle collisions because of insurance concerns. Many busing companies in California are governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, and the California Department of Motor Vehicles which require buses to have varying amounts of insurance.

    You may receive a soft tissue or catastrophic injury from a Bus Accident, limiting your ability to support yourself and your family. In such a case, a busing company may argue liability and make claim you should foot the bill. You need a lawyer who can get you the full coverage you need.

    The personal injury attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers are familiar with gimmicks of insurance companies in a Bus Accident lawsuit. We will pursue your case aggressively and present it to the insurance company or court as effectively as possible.

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