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Injuries to the back can occur in a variety of accidents, causing pain which may be mild or severe and permanently devastating.

A back injury can hinder you from performing necessary work or daily activities. Some back injuries can be more easily fixed or treated, but spinal cord injuries may put you in a wheelchair with a permanent disability or leave you paralyzed.

California Back Injury Lawyer

Back injuries can be catastrophic, and impair one’s ability to lead a balanced life of productive work and leisure. Simply put, back injuries can shut down your life. The muscles and bones in your back support your body so you can stand upright while your spine transmits signals that enable a large majority of the physical functions you perform on a daily basis. In some cases, the damages and prognosis become immediately clear after one has injured their back, but in many cases the full extent of the damages aren’t known until some time has passed. This is one of many reasons why it is imperative to call a Jacoby and Meyers back injury lawyer, as time is critical when it comes to building a case that will help ensure you receive the right medical care, and highest possible cash settlement for your pain and suffering. You need an experienced, caring back injury lawyer by your side to prove the severity of your injuries and how they will impact your future, and negotiate a settlement that will get you the highest compensation while insurance companies try to minimize injuries and downplay your future situation.

What Justifies Partnering with a Back Injury Lawyer

Back injuries are complex. They can be challenging to diagnose, new symptoms can arise, and in many cases a person will have a back injury with delayed symptoms. A back injury lawyer knows what evidence to gather, how to collect the evidence, they have expert witnesses, and are able to shift the approach of your case, with zero notice, based on new diagnosis and symptoms.

Back injuries can be minor, such as strained muscles, or catastrophic, like a paralysis case. These injuries can involve the spinal column, ligaments, muscles, certain organs and the skeletal structure. If a safety harness on a job site malfunctions and you fall, you could break some of the fragile bones in your back. If you slip and fall in a retail store, you could injure your spine, damage your lower back muscles, and pull ligaments.

Back Injury Lawyers Get You the Highest Settlement You Deserve

When you sustain a substantial injury, you can bet that your medical bills will be extremely high. Back injuries can require multiple surgeries, costly medicines, rehabilitation, home care providers, medical equipment, and a number of other things necessary to ensure you get the best healthcare. In addition, these injuries can prevent people from returning to work, so lost wages factors heavily into the financial burden. Back injury lawyers at Jacoby and Meyers take all of these areas, and others, into account when determining a fair settlement, and they build your case around all the facts and evidence in a well-presented manner that will give you the justice you deserve.

Insurance companies will try to get the plaintiff to settle before they have the chance to call a back injury lawyer, and for a good reason: back injury victims, statistically, receive thousands more, and in some cases millions more, with legal representation from a personal injury lawyer. A back injury attorney will protect your rights by keeping any potential predatory attempts by the defendant and his lawyer at bay. In fact, you shouldn’t even talk to an insurance company before first talking to a back injury lawyer, as they will record your statement, which can be used against you. It is critical to contact a back injury lawyer right away to ensure your rights are protected, to get the highest compensation possible, and to ensure you receive the right medical treatment.

What to do if You or a Loved One Experiences a Back Injury

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident, of any type, and you suspect you have injured your back, you will want to seek immediate medical attention. If the injury seems severe, there is a chance you could have injured your spine, so staying still and avoiding any movement is recommended to prevent making the injury worse. In cases like this, trained medical response teams will know how to safely move you, and transport you to the hospital.

Once you have been seen by a physician and you are in stable condition, call a back injury lawyer at Jacoby and Meyers. Our team will immediately start collecting all the medical reports, police reports, and gather any other necessary evidence and information to start building your case.

While an ambulance is on its way, try to record as much information as you can that’s relevant to the accident that injured your back. Use your phone to take pictures; if you were in a car accident, take photos of your car, and the other party’s vehicle. If you fell from a balcony, or you were ejected from a scooter, take photos of the surrounding areas including where you landed, and where you initially fell from. Take pictures of the surrounding area too. Things that may seem irrelevant could actually be of value to your personal injury attorney.

Common Damage Seen by Back Injury Lawyers

A back injury can cause multiple points of damage from muscle and tissue damage, to spinal injuries and nerve damage. Here are some of the common diagnoses our back injury lawyers have seen when reviewing medical reports.

Tendon and muscular damage - Also known as back strain, this can happen when the muscles and tendons supporting your back have been damaged in an accident.

Damages ligaments - Injury to the strong, fibrous tissue that connects bone and cartilage together in the back, also referred to as a back sprain.

Slipped (herniated or ruptured) disc - When the discs that protect the vertebrae in the backbone are damaged, the inner gelatinous contents are pushed out through the outer layer of the disc.

Pinched nerve - When nerve compression causes pressure and, in some cases, extreme pain thus restricting or limiting movement (like not being able to carry a backpack).

Nerve damage - Damaged nerves in the back that cause weakness, numbness and pain. This pain can also radiate to other parts of the body.

Spinal dislocation or fracture - The most serious back injuries that can lead to temporary or permanent paralysis. This happens when the spinal cord breaks, or when the vertebrae are moved from their normal position. These injuries are more common with sports injuries, car accidents and falls.

Back injury treatments are determined based on the severity and type of the injury, and the age and health of the victim. Back injury lawyers at Jacoby and Meyers work hard to ensure their clients get the right treatments they need, including medications, physical therapy and any needed surgeries. A back injury lawyer will also work to ensure you aren’t left with any devastating medical bills, and that you get compensated for your pain, lost wages, suffering, and any other damages that occur as a result of the injury.

Call Jacoby and Meyers today for a free estimate, and gain an educated view of your rights and the type of case our personal injury lawyers can build to help you seek justice and compensation for damages related to a back injury.

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