How The Best Personal Injury Attorneys Get their Clients the Highest Compensation from an Accident

Getting lost at sea, buying a home with thousands of dollars worth of unseen damage, and teaming up with a personal injury lawyer who offers terrible service and screws up resulting in the client getting a lower settlement: these are things many of us fear. When it comes to finding the best personal injury attorneys, many people simply don’t know what to look for, nor do they understand what a personal injury attorney does to ensure the highest possible settlement becomes a reality. This article is intended to help people learn how to identify a high-quality personal injury lawyer that gets his or her clients the highest possible settlements.

Should Personal Injury Attorneys Prioritize Your Settlement Amount? 

Before we delve into how personal injury attorneys get clients the highest possible settlements, let’s determine if this is really what people should prioritize and focus on. For the record, the top priority held by the personal injury attorneys at Jacoby and Meyers is your health. After all if your medical state declines or, worse yet, you lose your life, your ability to enjoy a life of total fulfillment will be impossible. That said, the best personal injury attorneys should prioritize your health while ensuring you get the highest compensation possible. This means you will be treated right away, by the right specialists, with no leftover medical bills. Your settlement will ensure this, so therefore it is important to focus on getting the highest compensation while simultaneously ensuring the injured person is getting top quality care.

The Most Successful Personal Injury Attorneys have In-Depth Teams

There is a reason why personal injury attorneys at Jacoby and Meyers won the ‘#1 Best Personal Injury Attorney’, in back-to-back years, from ‘The Daily News’, and why we have won other multiple awards within our field: we have the best attorneys, and they have the best teams. When a personal injury lawyer has an insurance expert, medical records and treatment experts, an insurance specialist, and other team members who specialize in specific niches that are relevant to a personal injury case, the quality of the case will be significantly higher while disabling the insurance companies and the defendant’s attorney from trying to shave dollars off the claim’s value. 

Resources Empower Personal Injury Cases

Naturally, large personal injury law firms will have a deeper well of resources than small legal operations. For example, Jacoby and Meyers has been defending injury victims in California since 1972, and in that time we have established a relationship with all the major insurance companies. This means they are not as likely to “try any of their tricks” to devalue a claim amount once they see who the attorney is. In addition, personal injury attorneys from large firms with a long-standing history and proven success record have other resources, such as expert witnesses. An expert witness is called in when a case goes to litigation. These are industry-specific experts that add credibility and therefore value to a case by proving causation on the side of the defendant. For example, if someone is injured in a construction accident and the cause was due to sloppy safety conditions, an experienced safety inspector from a renowned construction brand might come in and give a testimony in which he faults the injured worker’s employer for failing to follow simple safety procedures. 

Avoiding Litigation

If personal injury attorneys can get the insurance companies to settle the case for what it’s worth, then there is no need to go to litigation. Avoiding litigation will save the client and attorney time, and since time is money, avoiding litigation will keep the attorney fees lower.

However, sometimes it is very necessary to go to court. The majority of cases taken on by Jacoby and Meyers wind up settling without having to file a suit, but when we do go to litigation, it’s because we know our clients will get a significantly higher settlement, and ultimately more money (otherwise we would not file the suit). Just keep in mind that the best personal injury attorneys will try to settle pre-litigation if it leads to the highest possible compensation and are not overly eager to jump into court. However, if it is necessary, they will be well-prepared and ready to claim what is rightfully yours. 

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