Los Angeles Personal Injury Accident Attorneys

Jacoby & Meyers’ legal team offers residents and accident victims throughout California and greater Los Angeles with assistance and guidance in the aftermath of any type of injury-causing accident with an at-fault party. Many different scenarios exist and occur on a daily basis in the world of automobiles and other vehicular accidents that occur. For example, many times pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcyclists are involved who can be susceptible to greater injury and physical devastation due to their limited protection and lack of shielding comparable to that a car would provide. Since pedestrians typically have the right of way, it is not difficult to establish liability when a pedestrian is struck by a car.

Hit and run accidents are increasingly more frequent in California. Especially in very damaging accidents where a person is injured or run over, the stakes are that much higher in hit and run accidents. Wrongful death claims can also potentially result if someone dies as a result of his or her injuries from the accident.

Often times, the injured party is just the driver but the passengers are also at risk. We represent clients with every imaginable circumstance. From minors being passengers in the back of the car, to elderly victims who need to undergo major surgery to recover from their injuries. In addition to car and other auto accidents, we also provide legal counsel and representation in construction accident cases and premises liability claims.