How to Find a Personal Injury Attorney: 5 Tips on Where to Look, and What to Ask

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, you know you need to work with a personal injury attorney to ensure you get the compensation you deserve, the right medical treatment, and you want to have peace of mind knowing that you won’t get stuck with any devastating medical bills that can set your family back for decades.

However, knowing how to find the best personal injury attorney from Los Angeles to Sacramento and beyond is no easy task. That said, this article is designed to help make the vetting process less time consuming and easier for you in these trying times.

Can One Personal injury Attorney Really be that Much Better than Another?

Absolutely. Let’s look at what defines a legal champion from a different perspective that most people can relate to. There’s one thing that World Series championship teams have in common: they have, collectively, the best players in all of baseball, who know how to work together at a masterful level. From the way the outfield and infield read each other and recognize the strategy on the pitcher’s mound, to the hitting power of the first baseman and defensive hands of the short stop, there are various people each possessing specialty skills and they all communicate and work together to win big games.

The same holds true when it comes to finding the best personal injury attorney. First of all, where he or she received their training in law school matters. Then the team, or the law firm, is critical to their ability to be successful. Does the attorney have a team of specialists working with them? If so, the personal injury law firm is likely large and growing, with endless resources to help make them successful at winning millions for their clients. 

Here are five tips that will ensure you find the best personal injury attorney in all of California.

1. How Long has the Personal Injury Law Firm Been in Business?

When searching for the best personal injury attorney, ask how long the firm has been in business. This is critical, as the length of time is a testimony to the firm’s success to not only stay in business but grow due to their success rate. After all, firms staffed with poorly trained lawyers will see ongoing decreases in clients, and will eventually fold. 

Jacoby and Meyers has been serving accident victims all over California for more than 48 years, and through several recessions. Every personal injury attorney attended a top law school, and came to our firm with a winning record. 

2. Who Will Work on My Personal Injury Case?

Look for a personal injury attorney that has a team of hand-selected experts. For example, a personal injury attorney from Jacoby and Meyers has expert teams in multiple niche areas of any personal injury case that includes an insurance expert, police report expert, medical record expert, researchers, and a specialist responsible for securing expert witnesses. Your personal injury attorney should have access to such resources, and work directly with them to establish the maximum value of your case, and successfully argue for its payout. That said, be prepared to talk to multiple team members, as this is how big cases are won. 

3. How is the Personal Injury Attorney Publicly Represented?

If you grew up in southern California during the 70s and 80s, you will remember Jacoby and Meyers TV commercials, along with some other local favorite ads like Cal Worthington and his dog Spot. While having a catchy jingle, a service provider in a unique outfit, and side gimmicks may motivate people to buy a car, should these same things motivate someone to hire an attorney?

Top performing personal injury attorneys don’t need jingles or specific approaches showing angry lawyers ready to go to war on your behalf. Instead, look for a personal injury attorney from a firm that speaks about their experience, dedication to the community and clients, and their results. It shouldn’t take smoke and mirrors to convince people to have a free consultation. 

Also, check the attorney’s LinkedIn account and see what their colleagues and past clients have to say about them. Also, this is a great place to discover who your attorney’s connections are, what organizations they belong to, and really give a good idea of their presence in the personal injury law space. You should also check the firm’s social media accounts and ask yourself if their content is professional and relevant to the needs of injury victims. 

4. Has the Firm Won Any Awards (You know, the ones that Actually Matter)?

Look out for “award-winning” firms that showcase awards that really don’t speak to their ability to practice personal injury law at a top level. For example, some online law directories and publications will declare a firm the winner of some specific distinction. However, when researching the award, you will discover that it was chosen by an editor (people who get paid for the publicity) or the award was generated from an entity affiliated with the firm. 

The best awards come from bodies made up of other attorneys, or from verified client reviews. For example, Laura Sedrish, one of the partners at Jacoby and Meyers has been nominated to the Top 50 Women Superlawers for the sixth time now–a list of top performing attorneys elected by other lawyers. 

Finally, look at the verified reviews in Google Business, Yelp, and on the firm’s website. When looking at client reviews and accolades, you can rest assured you have found a top-performing personal injury attorney that can help you get the maximum settlement you deserve, and one that will monitor your medical treatment. 

5. Trust Your Own Instincts

Once you have had a free consultation with a personal injury attorney, you should have a very good idea about the fit. Did the attorney explain everything thoroughly? Did he or she speak to you using a language easy to understand? Was the communication comfortable? Was the attorney friendly enough and did he or she seem genuinely passionate about your case? If so, and the other points in this article fall in line with the lawyer and their firm, it’s safe to say you have a strong contender that you can move from your short list, to your top choices. 

Call Jacoby and Meyers and speak to a personal injury attorney today; we are available to take your call around the clock, are eager to hear about your case, your unique situation and needs, and present a clear path that puts you back into the driver’s seat. Together, we can complete this journey and set you and your family up for a life ahead of joy and ease.