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If you have been injured in an auto accident, our Los Angeles car accident lawyers can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

If you were involved in an auto accident, take the time to receive immediate medical treatment, especially if you sustained serious and critical injuries. The primary step you must take is to ensure your safety and that begins with medical assistance whether it is urgent care, hospital or via ambulance if you cannot get there yourself. Injuries that result from a car accident range from minor to severe but can affect everything from your bones and limbs, to your internal organs and nerves as well as your head, back, neck, arms and legs.

The Best Car Accident Lawyers for Personal Injury in California

Jacoby and Meyers is proud to offer Los Angeles drivers and motorists throughout California access to the best car accident lawyers in the state. Our legal team fights to help you get the maximum compensation you deserve.

When you are involved in a car accident there are multiple issues that you will deal with at once. Your vehicle needs repair, you have concerns about how your insurance company will handle the car accident, you have injuries, and you also know that your next step in dealing with all of these factors will play heavily into your ability to get a legal settlement you deserve. This is when Jacoby and Meyers car accident lawyers step in; our personal injury attorneys partner with you in your journey, at every step, to ensure your injuries are attended to right away, your car gets fixed quickly, and your case is built to get you the highest compensation.

Treating Your Injuries - Ensuring that your injuries are treated immediately is our top priority. Our car accident lawyers will review your injuries from the initial report and send you to the right care provider to get the treatment that’s necessary for restoring your wellness. We fight to get you the right treatment not only to ensure you have a happy and productive future that isn’t hindered by any disability, but we also act fast with medical treatments in order to get you the highest compensation for your pain and suffering. Finally, our personal injury lawyers work hard to ensure you are not left with any medical bills after your treatment.

Fixing Your Car - Our car accident lawyers work closely with the insurance companies and auto garage to ensure your car is in the best capable hands to get high-quality repairs in record time. We understand that not having access to your vehicle disrupts life, so we make sure your repairs are expedited and handled with speed and efficiency.

Ultimately, our internal teams gather all of the necessary information to tell your story in an accurate and effective manner that will get you the maximum compensation at the end of your journey, and we assist in your medical treatment to ensure your health is entact.

Securing the Best Car Accident Lawyer Begins with a Free Consultation with Jacoby and Meyers

If you have been injured in a personal injury accident as a driver or a passenger, taking legal action might be your ideal next step. You may want to attempt filing a claim on your own, however, a free consultation with a car accident lawyer is something you should certainly take advantage of.

Consultations provide you with critical information about your legal rights and how to pursue reimbursement for damages, free of charge, with no obligations. But before you get on the phone with a car accident lawyer be sure to seek immediate medical treatment for your injuries, especially if they are severe. Not only will seeking medical care help to ensure your safety, but the immediate care will potentially arm your personal injury lawyer with crucial information that will reveal the nature of your case, and establish a target compensation dollar amount to seek.

Keep in mind that car accident injuries range from minor to severe affecting a wide array of physical complications from your limbs to bones, nerves and internal organs, and that range from the neck, back and head injuries. When you have a free consultation with one of the best car accident lawyers, they will be able to assess the extent of your injuries, along with pain and suffering levels, in conjunction with the nature of the car accident and a number of other factors that will create a big picture to help you get the maximum compensation you deserve.

How to Prepare for a Free Consultation with Your Car Accident Lawyers

Your free consultation with a personal injury lawyer that specializes in car accidents is critical, as it sets the foundation of your claim and paves the way for your victory in receiving the highest compensation for pain and suffering. When you speak to your Jacoby and Meyers attorney be sure to have as much information as possible about your accident, as well as any evidence you might have.

Be upfront and honest about the collision and your injuries, as false information will not help your car accident lawyer get you the maximum compensation and it could wind up discrediting you before a court. Just remember that everything you tell your car accident lawyers is completely confidential.

When having your consultation, it is also important to come prepared with the right questions to ask. These often include:

How Much Does the Personal Injury Lawyer Charge? - It is important to know how your car accident lawyer charges clients. Car accident lawyers who charge an hourly rate should be avoided because this method can become too expensive for the client and it can become an impediment to maximizing settlement. The best car accident personal injury attorneys will not collect fees unless their client wins the case, and only then will they take a previously agreed upon percentage of the compensation amount.

Finally, it is beneficial to work with personal injury lawyers who further increase their rate if the case goes to litigation, as opposed to having a set maximum rate regardless of the case’s direction.

What do Your Car Accident Lawyers do that’s Different? - If you make enough calls to various car accident attorneys, you will likely see that their rates don’t differ too drastically. That said, the real value is in finding legal aid that goes above and beyond in giving clients a level of service and treatment that most other firms simply aren’t providing. One way that the best personal injury lawyers are able to offer a premium service is to ensure their client’s health is prioritized. Use your consultation as a time to see how your personal injury lawyers ensure you get the right medical treatment. The best car accident lawyer won’t just fight to get you the highest compensation, they will stress from the beginning that you receive the appropriate medical tests, treatments, and that you get care right away. At Jacoby and Meyers our personal injury attorneys also make sure that their clients are not left with medical bills after their treatment is over.

Why You Need to Talk to Multiple Contacts as Opposed to Speaking with a Single Personal Injury Attorney? - Your case, like all other personal injury cases, has a number of factors that focus on particular components that, when pieced together, tell your entire story while revealing the extent of your pain and suffering. The best car accident lawyers have a hand-selected team of true specialists designated to manage every area of your case. From medical records to police reports, and from dealing with insurance companies to having that first conversation with clients, highly trained experts know exactly what information to get, while mapping out the client’s narrative for the car accident lawyer to review and manage before he aggressively pursues your case to get maximum financial compensation and the right medical treatment. With an entire legal team collecting the right kind of information while fighting for your case, your personal injury attorney will be able collect the highest compensation that you deserve.

Who Will Be Working on My Car Accident Case? - Your car accident lawyer will be the main person working on your case, along with an entire support team of specialists. Ask your legal team how speaking with each department only strengthens your case and helps to ensure you will get the best care and highest compensation possible.

How Much Money Will I Get from My Case? - It is very difficult to know upfront how much money one can expect from their case. However, once your injuries are assessed by a doctor and your attorney can examine the findings, speak to all insurance providers involved, review any police report, and interview you, he or she will have a good idea of what you can expect in terms of compensation.

How Long Will My Case Take? - Much like knowing right from the start how much your case will likely pay out in compensation, knowing how long it will take is equally challenging. There are a myriad of factors that play into the length of a case, and your attorney and his or her team will need to investigate, leaving no stone unturned to get a probable time frame. The majority of car accident claims take several months to resolve, and depending on the nature of the case, it could take longer. However, your car accident lawyer wants the case to conclude as quickly as possible and will work with his or her team to ensure you get the maximum compensation in as little time as possible.

Is my Consultation with a California Car Accident Lawyer Confidential?

When you have a consultation with a Jacoby and Meyers California car accident lawyer, it is completely confidential. Any information you share with the attorney stays between you and the firm, whether or not you decide to work with them. Your consultation isn't just confidential, there is absolutely no obligation for you to work with them. If you feel the attorney and his team are not a good fit for you or your case, you have every right to seek another California car accident lawyer even after having a free consultation.

Should I get a Lawyer for a Car Accident that wasn’t My Fault?

After an auto collision, many people ask the question, “should I get a lawyer for a car accident that wasn’t my fault”? After someone has an accident that was clearly caused by the other driver, knowing whether or not one has a claim for compensation is critical. By contacting a car accident lawyer and having a free consultation, the attorney’s team can gather all the necessary information, do their research, and establish whether a claim exists.

In order to be eligible to seek compensation, an accident must meet these two criteria points:

  1. The car accident was, at least, partially caused by another driver’s negligence
  2. The auto accident caused the “victim driver” or his passengers to suffer serious physical injuries.

Jacoby and Meyers has California car accident attorneys with highly specialized teams that will ask you the right questions, collect information and any reports vital to your case, and examine the extent of your injuries. They will lay out a narrative that tells your story while determining the maximum level of compensation you are entitled to. This is why it is critical to call our car injury lawyers immediately so that we can begin building your case, and define your path towards full compensation and a better life.

Main Causes of California Car Accidents

Individuals who have been drinking, careless pedestrians, speeders, and nighttime drivers most commonly cause car accidents in California. Auto accidents also occur when a person operates a car in a careless or unsafe manner, regardless of substance abuse or other external factors. Examples include ignoring traffic signals, following another car too closely, or the driver succumbing to a distraction.

In all of these examples, a person has been “negligent” in following general rules pertaining to automobile and road safety. The negligent person responsible for the car accident is considered to be at fault, and can be held liable for the victim’s compensation.

Statistics on California Car Accidents, Noted by Jacoby and Meyers

An average driver in the U.S. drives more than 13,000 miles a year and may see an average traffic rate of 11,000 to 50,000 vehicles a day. Driving a car in a safe manner has become even more challenging due to California’s increase in its number of motorcyclists, bicyclists and distracted drivers. Jacoby and Meyers car accident attorneys assist drivers who have been involved in collisions due to a negligent party, and fight to get their clients the best medical treatment and financial compensation for their pain and suffering.

Jacoby and Meyers Attorney Tips: What To Do After a Car Accident

Once a collision occurs, our Jacoby and Meyers car accident attorneys stress the importance of seeking immediate medical assessment and care. Where injuries are catastrophic or severe, an ambulance must be called. In addition, the police should be summoned right away to take a full report of the scene, weather conditions, and a determination of who is at fault in the accident. A police officer may even issue a citation to one of the drivers if a California Vehicle Code was violated. Before both parties leave the scene, they should exchange their driver's license and insurance policy information. If there is time, write down the intersection or location of the accident, take photographs of the street and vehicles involved, and keep a file for yourself and your car accident lawyer.

Some of the things you may want to consider include:

  • Road and weather conditions.
  • Specifics about other cars involved in the accident including license numbers and registrations.
  • Witness and passenger information.
  • Pictures of the accident and the cars.
  • Refraining from dialogue that accepts responsibility for the accident.
  • Contact a Jacoby and Meyers car accident attorney after you are examined by a doctor.
  • Do not settle with your insurance company until you speak with your car accident lawyer.
  • Get a copy of the accident report for your car accident attorneys.

Jacoby & Meyers can quickly respond to an accident, gather the necessary information, and preserve evidence. Contact Jacoby and Meyers for the best Los Angeles car accident lawyers as soon as possible.

Jacoby & Meyers is California’s Most Trusted Personal Injury Law Firm

The car accident lawyers at Jacoby and Meyers have a winning history. With more than 40 years of experience they have successfully handled more than 100,000 car accident cases. Jacoby and Meyers car accident attorneys use proven experts in their investigation process, economic analysis, and other areas that are essential for determining the right compensation their clients deserve. To date, Jacoby and Meyers clients have received more than $1 billion in compensation.

Why Choose a Jacoby and Meyers Car Accident Lawyer?

  • Since 1972, we have helped hundreds of Injured people and their families
  • We will not charge you a penny until your case is won
  • We assign an experienced team of lawyers and injury professionals to every case
  • We have successfully recovered over $1 billion dollars
  • We offer a no obligation, free legal consultation to every client
  • Pay nothing unless we win your case!
  • Let our 48 years of experience work for you

If you are in need of a car accident attorney, contact Jacoby and Meyers at 1-888-522-6291 for your free consultation.

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Common Types Of Car Accident Injuries

The following are some of the most common car accident injuries:

  • Neck Injuries

    Whiplash is a common consequence of car and other vehicular accidents. In fact, more than a million neck injuries involving whiplash occur annually. This can also lead to a disability in the long run in some rare aggravated cases. Since the human neck is vulnerable to external pressure and force, if the neck is turned, the injury and damage can be even worse.

    Car accidents typically result in soft-tissue injuries or more severe injuries to the neck and spine. For instance, you may sustain injury to your joints, nerves, disc, muscles and many ligaments throughout your neck. When the accident occurs suddenly with a high impact, the injuries can be worsened, especially where the victim’s neck is tight or turned sideways. As a result, neck injuries not only cause pain and limited movements, they can also affect rotation and vision.

  • Back Injuries

    Back injuries occur in car, automobile and other high impact accidents which strain your back muscles and cause pain. The discs in the back can be disrupted and injured as well. Often times, both the cervical and lumbar discs can rupture or bulge. A herniated disc in the lower back can also result. Sometimes these injuries may require surgery depending on the circumstances. Physical therapy and rehabilitation or pain management may also be advised.

    Serious injury to the spinal cord can also occur in catastrophic accidents or extremely dangerous accidents. Many of our clients have sustained spinal cord injuries as a result of their car or auto accident. Such injuries are serious and require immediate medical attention because potentially irreversible nerve damage can result. When nerves are damaged, there can be loss of sensation and feeling in that body part. This also includes lower functioning and loss of control over your reflexes. Side effects can include problems like pressure sores, pneumonia, and pulmonary embolism.

  • Wrists and Ankles Injuries

    Damage to the wrists and ankles may occur as a result of an automobile accident as well. Unfortunately, the bones and joints are not immune to pressure and immense force and will sustain injury when there is a high impact. Broken bones cause devastating and immense pain as well as limitations on movement. A high impact accident can be identified when the car is a total loss, there is an abrasion with the seatbelt, or there is intense contact between the victim and the steering wheel and airbags are deployed. When air bags are deployed, they can also cause secondary injuries and pain from the impact including burns and abrasions because the bag releases a chemical when it is released.


  • Internal Injuries

    Internal injuries include organ damage to the liver, lungs, kidneys, intestines, and brain. Ribs can be fractured or broken. Lacerations to organs and body parts can and do occur. Seatbelts while promoting safety and protecting against death, can also induce injury such as burns and abrasions when they are deployed (a rare known fact). In serious accidents where a car flips over or more devastating conditions are present, abdominal injuries, back injuries and fatal injuries can also result.

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